"All farmers would like to think they have the time and knowledge to control their own pests, but the reality is we don't. I would have no hesitation in recommending Swift Pest Control as they are doing a good job for us with prevention which is so much better than the old 'Fire Brigade' approach. We moved from a national company to Swift Pest Control and for less money, they come twice as often! That must be right."

- Giles Rowland, Vale of Clwyd dairy farmer -

Pests are a major concern within the Farming and Agricultural Industry. They can cause potential loss of revenue through contamination of feed and crops. Rodents will spread disease, damage buildings through gnawing and even cause electrical faults or flooding. 

Agricultural pest problems normally recur year on year and a regular pest management program is recommended to restrict infestations. Farm quality assurance schemes require the need to demonstrate a good pest control program is in place and all baits used are secured to protect non-target species. 

Swift Pest Control agricultural services include rodent control, bird control, moles and also specialise in fly control for dairy parlours during the summer/autumn period.

Agricultural pest management services are recommended for farmers, estate managers, dairy farmers, poultry units, equestrian centres, aution markets, feed/farm suppliers and anaerobic digestion units.


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