Rodents regularly infest sewers, public tips, warehouses, shops, supermarkets, agricultural buildings and domestic premises. In fact anywhere that there is an easy food source and offering good harbourage. Numerous diseases are carried by rats including salmonella, weels disease and parasites. In the past few years a new disease has surfaced called hantavirus, a disease which is found on the droppings of rats and transmitted through spores or dust when disturbed.

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Bird Control

Birds can cause all kinds of problems such as contamination of commercial stored products, fouling of buildings causing corrosion, fouling of pedestrian areas causing hazards, noise pollution, spread of disease and associated insect activity. Traditional methods of bird proofing techniques include bird wire, netting, and spike systems and acoustics. Several new options include Avishock, Optical Gels and automated laser deterrents. Legal gull egg and nest removal, depending on gull species, is a humane method of preventing gull populations increasing and can also reduce aggressive behaviour during the nesting season (March - September).


We provide a full control and prevention service for a variety of insects including wasps, fleas, cluster flies, bedbugs, ants, cockroaches, woodworm, carpet beetle, textile pests, drain/fruit flies, stored product insects, moths, weevils booklice. Swift Pest Control supply, install and service commercial fly killers. Sticky trap units with no killing grid are silent, discreet and environmentally hygienic. These units are specifically designed for front of house in cafes, restaurants, retail businesses and hotels.

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These small mammals can have a detrimental effect on the agricultural sector. Soil raised by moles contaminates silage and crops with bacteria, which increases the risk of disease in cattle. Molehills also damage farm machinery and cause a risk of injury to livestock and horses from collapsing burrows. They also cause unsightly damage to amenity and sporting areas.

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Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed: A highly intrusive perennial weed, JKW is spreading throughout the UK at an alarming rate. The plants may grow up to 3m high and the rhizomes exploit building foundations, driveways and many watercourses. The legal implications have been highlighted by the media in recent years. It can be eradicated safely in a controlled environment programme which prevents the weed spreading off-site.

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Swift Pest Control offers a full residential pest control service. We can deal with all kinds of pests including rodents (both rats and mice), grey squirrels, ants, moles, wasps, fleas, cluster flies, bed bugs and cockroaches. We can also provide a number of solutions for not only eradicating the problem but to ensure your home remains pest free all year round. Whatever the pest problem, you can rest assured that we will live up to our name to provide you with a swift, efficient and professional pest control service – at a very competitive price.

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When you are in business, early action by a professional pest control technician is vital. As part of our Swift Prevention Service, we use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme. Our IPM prioritises hygiene, pest proofing the premises and assessing the environmental conditions. We offer personalised advice for each customer together with regular written reports detailing treatments used and further recommendations. Swift Pest Control can control and prevent pests such as cockroaches, rodents (rats and mice), pigeons (e.g. bird netting systems/spikes), wasp nests, cluster flies and fleas.

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Pests are a major concern within the farming and agricultural industry. They can cause potential loss of revenue through contamination of feed and crops. Rodents will spread disease, damage buildings through gnawing and even cause electrical faults or flooding. Agricultural pest problems normally recur year on year and a regular pest management program is recommended to restrict infestations. Farm quality assurance schemes require the need to demonstrate a good pest control program is in place and all baits used are secure to protect non-target species.

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