Birds can cause all kinds of problems such as:

-Contamination of commercial stored products

-Fouling of buildings causing corrosion

-Fouling of pedestrian areas causing hazards

-Noise pollution

-Spread of disease and associated insect activity

New technology now offers the use of Avishock, a discreet PVC cable which omits a low pulse to deter birds perching or roosting. Optical Gel appears in the birds' eyes as UV light preventing them from harbouring. The Agrilaser is a fully automated bird repelling laser unit operating for large areas.

Bird proofing is essential long before any nesting season arrives. Under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 all birds are protected unless stated under The General Licence for Wildlife Management i.e. to preserve public health & safety.

Legal gull and nest removal is a humane method of preventing gull populations increasing and can also reduce aggressive behaviour during the nesting season (March - September). Depending on the gull species this service should commence as soon as any gulls start nesting as once any eggs are hatched they are totally protected.

We cover a wide variety of birds from including feral pigeons & doves, starlings, house sparrows, herring gulls, lesser black-backed gull, great black-backed gull, magpie, rook, carrion crows and jackdaws.