"Instead of trying to sell unnecessary products for the benefit of a large faceless company, Martin places great emphasis on prevention and common sense advice, with the aim of finding us cost-effective solutions. In what is a tough time for the hospitality sector, I would strongly recommend Swift Pest Control, both for their thorough knowledge of the area and their cost-effective solutions."

- Carl Sutton, Manager of the Guildhall Tavern -

When you are in business, swift early action by a professional pest control technician is vital. As part of our Swift Prevention Service, we use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme.

Our IPM prioritises hygiene, pest proofing the premises and assessing the environmental conditions. We offer personalised advice for each customer together with regular written reports detailing treatments used and further recommendations. Swift Pest Control can control and prevent pests such as cockroaches, rodents (rats and mice), pigeons (e.g. bird netting systems/spikes), wasp nests, cluster flies and fleas.

We also supply and services a range of fly killing products designed for industrial and commercial use in factories, shops and restaurants. Swift Pest Control identifies the most cost-efficient fly killer for your premises and installs the units in the most effective positions. Each unit is guaranteed for three years.

Whether you need a one-off treatment or advice on long-term pest prevention programme, contact Swift Pest Control, we are here to help.


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