Wasps often like to make nests inside the roof voids of homes, wall cavities, in external buildings and even ground burrows. By late summer the nest site may carry up to 20,000 wasps. Although their sting is used for tackling its prey (other insects) they will use it, to great effect, defending themselves and their nest site.

Swift Pest Control has the knowledge, skills and experience to safely destroy these nest sites. This professional service is fast, effective and affordable.


Fleas are mainly evident on domestic pets but soon find people as hosts in our homes. Identifying the cause and treating accordingly is essential. The flea breeding cycle is unfortunately difficult to treat successfully using DIY methods causing recurrences in the coming weeks ahead. Consulting a professional pest control technician will help find the best solution but may take several visits to stop the breeding cycle completely.

Cluster Fly

Cluster flies hibernate within roof voids and the fabrication of buildings during the winter period. Living and breeding out in the countryside they return during Autumn as the temperature reduces. This is the time we see them harbouring around windows and skylights leaving messy deposits around the frames and curtains. A fogging with a space-sprayer is most effective once all the flies are clustering within the roof voids/lofts. However, it is recommended to consult a professional pest controller to survey the property before any treatment can be completed.


Bedbugs live mostly within areas that people sleep i.e. mattresses, bed frames, bedside furniture and cracks/crevices. Bed bugs are populating our society in numbers possibly due to the increase in people travelling regularly and lately their resistance to several pesticides. Bedbugs can remain dormant for over a year without a blood meal.


Black ants are regularly found around building perimeters, patios and kitchens, invading our homes looking for a food source during the warmer months. Flying ants emerge in swarms normally when the weather is warm and humid, once this process begins flying ants are visually seen in their hundreds around the nest site moving in a frenzy waiting for the new queens to emerge and take flight.


A destructive larvae that burrows through timbers for some 3-4 years before emerging as an adult beetle. Whilst emerging from the timber the beetle leaves the tell-tale sign of neat round holes along the timber surface and fine piles of sawdust. There are different types of wood borers that prefer softer or harder woods and it takes a good eye to identify the types of woodworm and treatment preferred. The long term structural damage they may cause to floorboards, joists, rafters and structural beams.

Some types of beetle may fly into premises or are carried in by birds nesting. However, from our experience a lot of infestations appear from timber that has been brought into the area i.e. furniture, tea chests or wood that has been replaced during maintenance.

We deal with many more kinds of insects including:

  • Cockroaches
  • Carpet beetle
  • Textile pests
  • Drain/fruit flies
  • Stored product insects
  • Moths
  • Weevils Booklice