A highly intrusive perennial weed JKW is spreading throughout the UK at an alarming rate. The may grow up to 3m high and the rhizomes exploit building foundations, driveways and many watercourses.

The legal implications have been highlighted by the media in recent years. It can be eradicated safely in a controlled environment programme which prevents the weed spreading off-site. A site survey will confirm the extent of any JKW followed by a written survey report with proposals for control and expected timescale. Proposals include recommendations, management plan, control documentation, exclusion areas/barriers etc.

Giant hogweed & Himalayan Balsam are also classed as an invasive weed. The giant hogweed holds sap which normally burns or blisters skin on contact and tends to growth profusely once established taking over large areas of gardens. Himalayan balsam is another rapid growing plant that has smothered many of our river banks and waste ground areas. Each plant may carry 800 seeds so is required to be controlled.

All services are undertaken using environmental agency’s codes of practice and guidelines.