Rats regularly infest sewers, public tips, warehouses, shops, supermarkets, agricultural buildings and domestic premises. In fact anywhere that there is an easy food source and offering good harbourage. Numerous diseases are carried by rats including salmonella, Weil's disease and parasites. In the past few years, a new disease has surfaced called hantavirus, a disease which is located on the droppings of rats.

The first steps in preventing rodents from becoming an issue or preventing an issue from re-occurring begin with proofing of the external buildings to prevent access. Tamper-proof bait monitors to prevent non-target species may be used containing rodenticides.

A thorough survey is recommended before any treatment commences ensuring the best solution for the target area. 


The house mouse is widely found in all types of premises from industrial and commercial to domestic premises. Mice carry many diseases and bacteria causing food-borne illnesses. Droppings are normally first seen along with chewed materials and damaged food stuffs.

Traps and baits are effective once they have entered a premises, however proofing the area will deter further infestation.